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funded in late 2021 by asha baird & atelier kodama with the general stategy of working in collaboration. the brand inteds to explore themes of randomness and degradation throught the reuse of discarded materials to generate a series of non gender specific wearable sculptures.
since some of our pieces have been carved in timber and in the process of embedding in the sand to generate a negative space that will receive our particular touch and then molten metal, these pieces will be numbered and one day we won’t be able to replicate them. 
we try to gather all our materials from people and places that in this world of increasing waste have deemed them as rubbish. we understand we won’t change this world, but we know we can have fun gathering, bin diving and devoting our time to make something beautiful that will be appreciated by those who cherish quirky and unique details.

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entropy studios 
entropy: lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder